The Most Common Dog Injuries

Accidents happen every day. Even if you are very aware of your pet, a small error or a combination of different circumstances can cause your pet to suffer an injury without you realizing it. Sometimes, injuries are very subtle, so it’s important to know what the most common pet injuries are, so you can keep your eye out for them.

Pet fights can cause several injuries. If your dog has fought with another dog, then you will likely see bite marks or open sounds. Take a look at the wounds and watch to see if another part of your pet’s body seems to be bothering it. Don’t doubt in taking it to the vet if necessary.

Sometimes, pets can be hit by a motorcycle or a car, since dogs and cats aren’t trained to look both ways before crossing a street. Sometimes it may not seem too bad, but you should go over your pet’s entire body to see if there are any sensitive spots. Take him or her to a vet to have X-rays done, and try not to move them too much when getting them from one place to another. You never know what could be broken or fractured.

Sports injuries are also very common in pets. These are injuries in the soft tissue areas, like the ligaments, muscles, etc. Your pet may have taken a fall, gotten caught in a fence, or over-exerted him or herself. It’s better to prevent than have to cure these types of injuries. After doing exercise or sports, take your pet home to rest. Don’t push them to do more than they can handle. If they seem in pain, you should take them to the veterinarian.

Normally, these sorts of injuries can be helped, controlled, or cured with the use of braces. There are many places that you can go to buy things like a custom made knee brace for pets, or hip braces, or whatever other type of brace your pet may need. Your vet will let you know what sort of treatment is feasible for your pet and their injury. Actually, the most common injuries in dogs are ACL and CCL injuries, making some tools – a knee brace for pets, for example – also more common.

Ocular injuries are also more common than you probably thought. If you dog or pet has their eyes partially closed, weepy, full of blood, or they are blinking excessively, then you should take them in to a vet immediately to prevent further damage.

knee brace for pets

Any time you are in doubt, or your pet seems distressed or pained, it is always a good idea to take them in to a professional for evaluation. You shouldn’t rely on what you find on the internet or just on your own evaluation. With x-rays, special tools, and expertise, they can help to pinpoint exactly what is wrong, how bad it is, and how it can most effectively be treated, including prices and personalized options for braces, surgeries, and more.