Tips and Tricks to Use When Starting a YouTube Channel

If you are reading this you must be interested in starting your own YouTube Channel. There are legitimate ways to earn a good living from making YouTube videos but you need to set realistic expectations. Are you going to make millions posting videos on YouTube? Chances are not high that you will quit your day job and make videos for a living, with that being said if you are able to find a suitable niche and follow these suggestions you can make a good amount of money.

Tip #1 Grow Your Subscriber Base ASAP!

The most important tip you can follow is to work on growing your subscriber base as quickly as possible. Once you upload your first video, the clock is ticking as you try and build momentum so your subscriber base increases. To help speed things along you should allocate funds to buy YouTube views whenever you upload a new video.  These YouTube views serve a couple of important functions, the first is that it makes more people aware of your videos so you can get more subscribers. Another and arguably more important benefit of purchasing YouTube views is that it tells YouTube your videos are entertaining. The more of these signals that YouTube receives, the more likely they will move your videos up into the trending field and improve your rankings in the search results.

Aside from the total number of views you receive, YouTube will also look at your subscriber base and if you have a growing number of subscribers, YouTube will infer that you must be coming up with really great content so they will try to showcase your channel so you can reach even more viewers and potential subscribers

Turing the Momentum Into Revenue

While building up your YouTube Channel subscriber base you need to start generating revenue so you can allocate capital to buy YouTube views. The quickest way to start generating income is by having ads appear on your videos. YouTube has a platform that easily lets you monetize your subscriber base but it is not the only way you can generate income from your YouTube Channel.

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A great and under-utilized way to make money is by reaching out to corporations that are trying to reach specific niches of the economy who are part of your subscriber base. These advertisers would be willing to pay a premium for you to mention their product or service on an upcoming video. What you will need to do is determine what is a fair price along with maintaining your integrity, if you come across as “selling” to your viewers it could turn them off and they would unsubscribe. The more subscribers you have the more you can charge the prospective advertiser you just need to have a long-term vision for your channel so you are able to maintain momentum while making money each and every step of the way.

If you followed these tips and tricks you should be able to make the most of your YouTube Channel.